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Artsu J. Ono

Painter/Photographer/Graphic Designer

His father was an architect and taught Artsu sculpting, carving and welding. In high school he began illustrating, painting and character design in a number of mediums including acrylics and water color. From there he expanded into oils, pastels and other miscellaneous materials. His imagination grew as well. In 1993, following advice from a friend, he had his first art show. He has continued almost every year until 2004. He has continued to sculpt, carve and weld using a vast variety of materials including paper, wood, clay and metal. Artsu is always looking for new ways to create his artistic visions. He also developed an interest in photography and began to capture his unique vision of the world on film thanks to encouragement from friends and family. In 1994 he worked for a publishing company and found himself introduced to computer graphic design. His clients range from art collectors, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, musicians and private families. He currently lives in L.A.

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